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"My ultimate goal is to teach Taekwon-Do to everyone" General Choi Hong Hi, founder of Taekwon-Do
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Kup grading at ITF Brussels and Samjok-O.  
  December 2011, Brussels and Ottignies, Belgium
Some students from the schools ITF Brussels and Samjok-O successfully succeed their kupgrading:
   ITF Brussels                                       Samjok-O
Joaquim   VII Kup                               Alain      VIII Kup
Janine    VIII Kup                                Leo      VIII Kup
Juan         IX Kup                              Abdoul      IX Kup
Belén       IX Kup                              Thomas     IX Kup
Karim       IX Kup
Rubén      IX Kup
Congratulations to all of you!

6th years of ITF Brussels!   
  9th December 2011, Brussels, Belgium
To celebrate the end of the year and the 6th anniversary of the school we went to Crosly to play bowling. All students were very happy showing their hide bowling skills mixed with the TKD sine wave…
There were many different winners, but the big champion was… the good moment we spent together.
Many thanks to all of you for all these years plenty of good moments!
ITF Brussels

Visit to ITF Brussels Champions  
  24th November 2011, Uccle, Belgium

Sabum Virginia visited ITF Brussels Champions, the school of Bo Sabum Faiçal Ghoul.
Sabum Virginia was very happy to see that the recently opened school is running very well and has already more than ten students!

Congratulations Faiçal!


Portrait of Alexander Walter in Télé Bruxelles.  
  5th December 2011, Brussels, Belgium.
Télé Bruxelles visits ITF Brussels to make a portrait of Alexander Walter.  “Ça va être du sport” a TV program from Tele Bruxelles shows Alex training for his next challenges after winning his Bronze medal at the World Championship.
Pierre Alexis Matton, the journalist, nicknamed Alex as Luke SkyWalter…

Japan Expo 2011 at Tour and Taxis   
   4th – 06th November 2011, Brussels, Belgium.
ITF Belgium successfully participated at the Japan Expo 2011, that took place in the fashionable area of Tour & Taxis, in Brussels.
ITF Belgium was invited as a guest of the cultural area to promote Taekwon-Do ITF and to perform six demonstrations and initiations.  
Activities were coordinated by Sabum Virginia Dionisi and Bo Sabum Gonzalo Escribano. The students from ITF Brussels, Samjok-O, Taekwon-Do Woluwe and Brussels Champions who participated at the different demos were Benito Martinez, Daniel Kampff, Alexander Walter, Emi Van Rijn, Faiçal Ghoul, Andreea Musca, Bill Harrison, Vladimir Kim, Kristof Van Rijn, Toby Fox and Joachim Schaefer.
The fair attracted visitors from the whole country interested in Japan and the Asian culture in general. There were approximately 15.000 visitors during the three days

  Halloween Party 
  31st October 2011, Brussels, Belgium


Slash organized a Halloween party and some members of ITF Brussels were there: The Belgian Dracula and his girlfriend, two witches, Terminator, the Death, the Zorro and Jason Voorhees.


Guess who is who!
Thanks Toby for the organization!

Outstanding results for Belgium at the European Championship in Bratislava.
   21st – 23rd October 2011, Bratislava, Slovak Republic.
Belgium obtains 1 gold and 2 bronze medals at the last European Championship in Bratislava. Andreea Musca, who has recently moved to ITF Brussels, wins the trophy of Best Female competitor (shared with Germany). She obtained such distinction after winning Gold in Female Senior Patterns II degree and Bronze in sparring -52 kg. The second bronze medal for Belgium went to Hans Rombaut for his great performance in Male Senior Patterns III degree.
ITF Brussels was also represented by Sabum Virginia Dionisi, (Patterns Coach), Alexander Walter and Emi Van Rijn. The representatives of ITF Brussels did a great competition. Alexander Walter finishes 4th in the general classification of Power Breaking, missing the Bronze medal for only one point. Sabum Virginia Dionisi finishes 7th in Power Breaking. In the patterns course to the podium, Mr. Walter and Miss Van Rijn have been narrowly defeated (3-2). Miss Van Rijn wins the first round against Scotland and tied the second one against Slovenia. In the definition of the row, the victory went to Slovenia. Mr. Walter was defeated by Norway who finally becomes European Champion.
Kristof and Bo Sabum Gonzalo were there supporting and helping our athletes. For more pictures.

I Challenge Cup 2011
  September, 9th 2011, Trois Vierges, Luxembourg
Four students of ITF Brussels, Samjok-O and ITF Brussels World Class competed at the I Challenge Cup 2011:
1 Gold Medal Nicolas Martins (World Class)
2 Silver Medals Emi Van Rijn (ITF Brussels)
Nicolas Martins (World Class)
3 Bronze Medals Alexander Walter (ITF Brussels)
Emi Van Rijn (ITF Brussels)

 Alain Ancet (Samjok-O)

Sabum Virginia worked as a coach and Bo Sabum Benito as umpire.
Thanks to the organizers and congratulations to all!
 ITF Brussels.jpg
 Kup Grading
  July 2011, Ottignies and Brussels, Belgium
Nine students of ITF Brussels and Samjok-O (Ottignies) tested successfully their Kup Grading:
  • Bill            II Kup   (ITF Brussels)
  • Aurèlien    IV Kup   (ITF Brussels)
  • Toby          V Kup  (ITF Brussels)
  • Kristof       IV Kup  (ITF Brussels)
  • Walter       IV Kup  (ITF Brussels)
  • Nicolas    VIII Kup   (ITF Brussels -World Class)
  • Alan          IX Kup  (Samjok-O)
  • Beatriz      IX Kup   (Samjok-O)
  • Leo           IX Kup  (Samjok-O)
 ITF Brussels with Sabum Neil Ernest.jpg
 Seminar with Sabum Neil Ernest 
  June 18th 2011, Destelbergen, Belgium
Five members of ITF Brussels attended the Sparring Seminar conducted by Sabum Neil Ernest, (National coach of ITF Wales).
During the seminar the former world champion shared his experience teaching several combinations of sparring techniques. The members of ITF Brussels had the opportunity to train with people from different TKD schools in a very friendly atmosphere.
All participants were happy with the high level of the Seminar. ITF Brussels thanks Mr. Ernest and the Belgian Federation for such outstanding class.
 ITF Brussels Emi and Sabum Virginia.jpg
 Two Medals for ITF Brussels at the II Holland Cup
   May 29th 2011, Pijnaeker, The Netherlands    

Emi Van Rijn (gold in youth patterns I degree) and Faiçal Ghoul (bronze in Sparring Veterans +70kg) stepped on the podium at the II Holand Cup.

Emi, in a very tough category, had to win four times in row to obtain a well deserved gold medal.

Vladimir Kim and Bill Harrison did also very well. Vladimir (blue belt) was defeated by the European Champion in title; and Bill (also blue belt) lost his combat against a black belt from Poland.

The tournament had an outstanding level with 635 competitors from 11 countries!                             
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 1st Kup Grading in ITF Brussels Ottignies
   May 28th 2011, Ottignies, Belgium.
Three students of ITF Brussels-Ottignies tested successfully for their IX Kup.
Virginia Dionisi conducted the exam with the help of Bo Sabum Benito Martinez. 
After the examination, ITF Brussels-Ottignies organized a party to celebrate such special moment. Children, parents and instructors were very happy with the evolution of the school.
Congratulations to Bo Sabum Benito Martinez and his wife Leo, Instructor and Administrator of the school in Ottignies.
Emi Van Rijn.jpg
 Martial Arts Night
  May 14th 2011, Wincrange, Luxembourg 
Sabum Virginia Dionisi and Bo Sabum Emi Van Rijn, participated at the II Martial Arts Night Demo organized by Taekwon-Do Norden (ITF Luxemburg). Both, Sabum Virginia and Emi, were part of the ITF Taekwon-Do demo team from Belgium.
The Martial Arts Night was the occasion to see demos of different disciplines and practitioners from different countries. Between them we can mention:  ITF Taekwon-Do (Belgium), WTF Taekwondo (Luxemburg), Judo (Belgium), Hapkido (Belgium), Aikido (Luxemburg) and Korean Swordfighting (Germany).

Integration through sports
   April 28th, 2011, Brussels, Belgium 
ITF Brussels in collaboration with the Cultural Belgo-Roumanian House (ARTHIS) organized a round table about Integration through sports. Mrs. Carmen Hopârtean and Mr Gonzalo Escribano coordinated the event which was held in Brussels downtown in the beautiful and trendy area of Place Saint Catherine.

Sabum Virginia Dionisi, as instructor of an international school, spoke about her experience leading a multicultural group and the important role of a TKD school in the community. Bo Sabum Alexander Walter, who has Romanian roots, was invited to talk about his experiences as member of the Belgian National Team of TKD and his participations at the last European and World Championships (where he obtained a bronze medal in Tul I Degree). 

ITF Brussels Champions Reception 2011.jpg
 Dionisi, Fox and Clayton win Brussels town hall’ awards
  March 25th 2011, Brussels, Belgium
Sabum Virginia Dionisi, Toby Fox and Walter Clayton were awarded by the Brussels town hall at the traditional "Reception des Champions", for their TKD performances during 2010:
Sabum Virginia Dionisi: Vice European Champion in tul IV-VI degree, double Belgian Champion (Tul and Female Power Breaking)
Toby Fox: Double Belgian Champion (Tul and Sparring Senior Category) and
Walter Clayton: Belgian Champion (Sparring Junior Category)  
 Alexander Walter, Bronze Medal at the Taekwon-Do ITF World Championship in New Zealand
   March 10th 2011, Wellington, New Zealand.
Great achievement for Alexander Walter! He is coming home with a well deserved Bronze Medal!
He started early in the morning defeating Slovenia in eighth finals and Australia in quarter finals. His great path positioned him in semi-finals against Argentina. The high concentration and good techniques of Alex were not enough to defeat the Argentinean competitor who finally became world champion.
Congratulations champion!
 New Black Belts in the club
  February 27th 2011, Lokeren, Belgium. 
Benito Martinez, Daniel Kampff and Emi Van Rijn have been promoted to 1st degree by the Belgian Dan Grading Committee.  
 XXI Junior and Senior Belgian Championship
   February 13th 2011, Jambes, Belgium. 
ITF Brussels with 7 competitors wins 7 medals at the 21st Belgian Junior & Senior Championships! 
Bo Sabum Alexander Walter and Walter Clayton obtained gold medals in their disciplines and they become, together with Emi Van Rijn, the Belgian Champions we have at ITF Brussels.
The seven competitors who represented the club were Alexander Walter, Faiçal Ghoul, Bill Harrison, Cathal Gibbons, Toby Fox and Walter Clayton and they obtained the following results:  
ITF Brussels BC 2011 Emi.jpg 
 Emi Van Rijn obtained gold and silver medals at the V Belgian Championships for youth. 
  February 6th 2011, Steenokerzeel, Belgium. 
Her great performances were in Sparring and in Patterns. In the first she obtained a gold medal in the category of Female Red Belt +155cm and in the latest Emi earned a silver medal in the category Red/Black Belt.
Benito Martinez.jpg
 Inauguration of the new school ITF Brussels in Ottignies
  January 29th 2011, Ottignies, Belgium
The school ITF Brussels-Ottignies was officially opened with a demonstration in “La Maison de la Laïcite” in the city of Ottignies.
The new instructor Benito Martinez will give lessons on Monday from 20h30 to 22h00 and on Saturday from 12h00 to 14h45 under the guidance of Sabum Virginia Dionisi. 
ITF Brussels Open Brabant.jpg 
 Toby Fox and Cathal Gibbons on the same podium at the Open Brabant
  January 23rd 2011, Mierlo, The Netherlands
Toby and Cathal gained Silver and Bronze at the 5th Open Brabant.
This year, the championship hosted more than five hundred and twenty competitors from Belgium, England, Italy, Germany, Norway, Spain, Ireland, Portugal, Slovenia, Poland and the Netherlands. 
ITF Brussels was well represented by Alexander Walter, Bill Harrison, Cathal Gibbons and Toby Fox, all of them coached by Sabum Virginia.
Benito Martinez & Virginia Dionisi.jpg 
 Nouvelle école de Taekwon-Do ITF à Ottignies
Directrice: Sabum Maria Virginia Dionisi, V Dan 
Instructeur: Benito Martinez
Portes ouvertes : Samedi 29 janvier 2011 de 12h30 à 14h30   
Démonstrations de Tuls (figures), combats, self défense, techniques spéciales et casse de puissance
Lieu: Maison de la Laïcité (Salle Jacques Brel)  
Rue des deux Ponts 19, B-1340 Ottignies  
Tel : 00 32 477 523 359    Email:



ITF Brussels asbl - Avenue du Manoir d'Anjou n° 25, B-1150, Brussels