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"My ultimate goal is to teach Taekwon-Do to everyone" General Choi Hong Hi, founder of Taekwon-Do
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 Gold and Bronze for ITF Brussels at the Promat Gala
  13th December 2009, Heeze, The Netherlands.  

Gold for Bo Sabum Alexander Walter and Silver for Vladimir Kim at the Promat Gala!  
Both competitors were invited to participate at the venue after finishing in between the first three places in the Promat League 2009.             
Bo Sabum Alex won the category of Tul First Degree and Vladimir finished second on Tul up to blue stripe
 Seminar with Master Vones in Luxembourg
  12th December 2009, Troisvierges, Luxembourg.

Sabum Virginia, Daniel, Gonzalo and Bill attended a Technical Seminar conducted by Master Harry Vones in Troisvierges, Luxembourg.

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 Sabum Virginia Dionisi World Champion !
  26/29 November 2009, Mar del Plata, Argentina.
Sabum Virginia Dionisi is the new World Champion in Female Tul IV-VI degree !
and also bronze medal in Female Sparring -52 kg.
After winning gold and bronze medal, Sabum Virginia tied for Best Overall Senior Female with Carolina Dillen from New Zealand and Ekaterina Kozlachkova from Russia.
Bistra Dencheva and Hans Rombaut, obtained a bronze medal in Pre-arranged free sparring.
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 Leerdam Open Championship
 1st November, Leerdam, The Netherlands.  
Sabum Virginia Dionisi and Vlamir Kim did very well at the Leerdam Open Championship: 
  • Sabum Virginia  Gold in sparring & Silver in tul 
  • Vladimir Kim       Silver in tul & Bronze in sparring
Our school was also represented by Daniel Kampf as umpire and Gonzalo Escribano as a coach.
 Open Haaglanden Championship
  18th October, The Hague, The Netherlands. 
Three medals for our three competitors!  
  • Sabum Virginia Dionisi                  Silver in Tul IV-VI Degree
  • Sabum Alexander Walter              Gold in Tul I Degree
  • Gonzalo Escribano                        Gold in Tul I-II Kup
 The Battle of Utrecht
  Septembre 27th 2009 Utrecht, The Netherlands.
Gold Medal for Bo Sabum Alex and Bronce Medal Sabum Virginia at the Battle of Utrech ! 
Both instructors competed in Patterns: Sabum Virginia in Senior Female Male IV VI degree and Alex in Senior Male Pattern I Degree.
Congratulations to you both !
 44th International Instructors Course
  22nd-24th May 2009, Miesbach (Bavaria), Germany.
ITF Brussels participated at the 44th International Instructor Course  
Sabum Virginia, Bo Sabum Alexander Walter and Daniel Kampf attended the course with others 195 participants from 25 countries.  
The Technical Committee (Grand Master Pablo Trajtenberg, Grand Master Hector Marano & Master Wim Bos)  ran the course during 3 days in a very professional way.
Beside ITF Brussels, eight other people from ITF-Belgium participated at the course : Master Frank Vanberghen, Annick Van Driessche, Eddy Van Damme, Emmanuel Fantacci, Pascal Raeijmaekers, Bob Wigman, Erika Knihti and Alain Mandiki.
All participants were involved in different items at any time, the atmosphere was great and everyone enjoyed the course very much!
Attending to the IIC was an opportunity to enjoy the Bavarian culture, specially at the “Bavarian Evening”, where the traditional food and music were present. Another good moment of the week-end was visiting Munich under the guidance of Stephanie, one of our former students who is actually living the Capital of Bavaria.
We congratulate the organizer Mr. Adalbert Wagner for the excellent organization of the course.
 Silver Medal for Virginia Dionisi at the European Championship in Spain
   24-26 April 2009, Benidorm, Spain. 
Sabum Virginia Dionisi wins Silver in Female Senior Patterns IV-VI degree at the European Championship in Benidorm, in one of the biggest european tournament, with 447 competitors from 26 countries.

Andrea Musca is the new European Champion in Junior Female Sparring -50kg and Hans Rombaut won the bronze medal in Senior Male Pattern II Degree.

19th Belgian Junior & Senior Championships
15th March 2009, Namur Belgium.
ITF Brussels obtained 17 medals at the 19th Belgian Junior & Senior Championships, and three belgian champions, (Sabum Virginia, Gonzalo and Nico)

·         Sabum Virginia   1st place tul III-IV degree, 2nd place power breaking,
·         Bo Sabum Alex   2nd place power breaking, 3rd place tul I degree, 3th place sparring black belt -71 kg
·         Daniel                 3rd place power breaking, 3rd place tul I-II Kup
·         Gonzalo             1st place power breaking, 3rd place tul III-IV Kup
·         Julian              2nd place tul, 3th power breaking, 3rd place sparring junior
·         Nico               1st place tul VIII-VII Kup, 2nd place sparring +80 kg
·         Aurélien          3rd  place Tul VIII-VII Kup
·         Walter            3rd  place sparring junior
·         ITF Brussels Team (Virginia and Alex) 3rd place in Pre Arranged Free Sparring    
 Open Zeeuwse Middelburg The Netherlands
8th March 2009
Silver Medal for Sabum Virginia and for Bo Sabum Alex!
Sabum Virginia and Bo Sabum Alex competed in tul in the Open Zeeuwse, obtaining both a silver medal, in the categories IV-VI degree and I degree respectively.
The competition was held the 8th March 2009 in Middelburg, The Netherlands.  Alex also competed in special techniques.
Well done !!
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 Day of Taekwon-Do
  21st February 2009, Sint Niklaas, Belgium. 
Louis, Alex, Daniel, Benito, Cathal and Miriam represented ITF Brussels in the “Day of Taekwon-Do”. The venue, organized by the Belgian TKD Federation, had more than 100 Taekwon-Do practitioners from different Belgian cities. 
Sabum Virginia, between other instructors, explained some fundamental movements, the principles of power-breaking and the purpose of a pre-arranged free sparring.
 Special Award for Sabum Virginia Dionisi
  29th January 2009, Brussels, Belgium.
Once a year the town hall of Brussels organizes the "Champions Cocktail" at the Hall of Fame of the Stadium “Roi Baudouin”.
In this ocasion, Sabum Virginia Dionisi, received a special award for her performance at the last European Championship in Poland where she became European Champion in Female Tul IV-VI Degree.

Sabum Virginia received a medal from the hands of the “echevin des sports” of Brussels Bertin Mampacka.
 Gold Medal for Sabum Dionisi at the 3rd Open Brabant
  25th January 2009, Heeze, The Netherlands.
Sabum Virginia and Bo Sabum Alex competed at the 3rd Open Brabant, in Patterns.
Sabum Virginia obtained the first place in Female/Male Tul IV–VI degree, and Bo-Sabum Alex, in his first participation in a championship since he is living in Belgium, lost 3/2 on his first row in Male Tul I Degree.
The tournament had an outstanding level, with 440 competitors from nine countries: Belgium, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Scotland, Slovenia, Poland and the Netherlands. 


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