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"My ultimate goal is to teach Taekwon-Do to everyone" General Choi Hong Hi, founder of Taekwon-Do
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 Kup grading in ITF Brussels
  20th December 2007, Brussels, Belgium. 
Eight students of ITF Brussels have been promoted for Sabum Virginia Dionisi;
congratulations to:
  • Daniel Kampf              II Kup
  • Benito Martinez          V Kup
  • Charlotte Dubreuil      VI Kup
  • Christophe Da Silva    VII Kup
  • Aurélien Lebourg        IX Kup
  • Jody Braibant              IX Kup
  • Artur Stichelmans        IX Kup
  • Xavier Rossey             IX Kup            For more info                       
 Waasland Cup 2007
  1st December 2007, Sint Niklaas, Belgium.
Sabum Virginia Dionisi and three students from ITF Brussels (Benito, Gonzalo and Daniel) gained in total two golds and three bronze medals at the Waasland Cup 2007.
160 competitors from Belgium and The Netherlands attended this special championship, organized by Koryo TKD School in collaboration with ITF
Flanders and ITF-Belgium.
The Waasland Cup had a very special purpose: fundraising money for Eric Van Puyvelde paralysed after a heavy accident. Eric is the brother of Peter Van Puyvelde, member of ITF-Belgium and the National team, but, the best achievement was made by the organizers, referees, coaches, participants and supporters who made this championship a success for the TKD spirit. 

 Two Gold Medals for Sabum Virginia Dionisi at the Barneveld Fighting Cup
  25th November 2007, Barneveld, The Nederlands.  

ITF Brussels, as a member of ITF Belgium, attended the Baneveld Fighting Cup with two competitors: Sabum Virginia and Gonzalo.

247 participants from The Nederlands, Poland, Slovenia and Belgium, divided into youth, juniors and seniors participated in Tuls, Sparring, Power, Specials and Pre –Arranged Sparring.    

Sabum Virginia obtained two first places:

  • Sparring - 52 Female Sparring Black Belts
  • Patterns   III-VI Degree
Belgium was very well represented by 48 competitors, 8 referees and 5 coaches.
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 V Degree for Sabum Virginia Dionisi 
  21st October 2007, Steenokerzeel, Belgium
After 25 years of practicing Taekwon-Do, Sabum Virginia Dionisi has been promoted to V degree by the ITF Technical Committee.     
The evolution of Sabum Virginia Dionisi: 

Grade Examiner Date Place
V Degree ITF Technical Committee October 2007 Steenokerzeel, Belgium
IV Degree General Choi Hong Hi February 2000 Fécamp, France
III Degree Master Javier Dacak July 1995 Posadas, Argentina
II Degree Master Javier Dacak July 1992 Resistencia, Argentina
I Degree Master Javier Dacak December 1989 Posadas, Argentina

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 28th International Instructor Course
  19th-21st October 2007, Steenokerzeel, Belgium.
ITF Brussels participated at the 28th International Instructor Course in Steenokkerzeel, near Brussels. Sabum Virginia Dionisi and Louis Lamoureux attended the course with others 146 participants from Belgium, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Korea, the Netherlands, Scotland, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.
The Technical Committee ran the course during 3 days in a professional way, all the participants were involved in some item all the time, the atmosphere was great and the participants enjoyed the event.
The general judgement of the participants was very positive and there were several inquiries about the next training course in Belgium.

 XV World Championship Taekwon-do ITF in Québec Canada
  May 31st-June 3rd 2007, Québec, Canada. 

Sabum Virginia Dionisi, as a member of the Belgian National Team, and Gonzalo Escribano as a coach, attended the most important TKD ITF event in the world.  

This time, Belgium was represented by only three competitors, Sabum Virginia, Bistra Dencheva and Patrick Crevecoeur, two umpires Master Vanberghen and Sabum Annick Van Driessche and one coach. All along the four days of the championship, there was an incredible atmosphere which we could describe as cheering, lively and certainly contagious.
Regardless of being a very small team, Bistra Dencheva gained a Bronze Medal in sparring female -58 kg and Sabum Annick Van Driessche was elected as the best umpire. Congratulations to you both! 
 Two Bronze Medals for Sabum Dionisi at the European Championship in Slovakia
  April - Mai 2007, Poprad, Slovakia.
Sabum Virginia Dionisi, being part of the Belgian National Team, wins two bronze medals at the European Championship in Poprad, Slovakia. 
The two bronzes medals awarded by Sabum were in:
  • Female Senior Patterns IV-VI degree, and 
  • Female Senior Team in Special Techniques. (Virginia Dionisi, Cindy Verstraeten and Bistra Dencheva)
Bistra Dencheva wins gold in Female Senior Special Techniques (first gold medal for Belgium at European Championships) and Silver in Patterns II Degree. Congratulations!
 Third team building week-end 
  6th-8th April 2007, Elsenborn, Belgium.
Sabum Virginia and Gonzalo attended the third team building week-end in the preparation for the next European and World Championships.
The event was held in the
Military Domain of Elsenborn and was open to all teammembers, referees, coaches and for the first time also to supporters who go to Slovakia and Canada.
The organiser Patrick Crevecoeur, was well assisted by Sam, Jullien and Patrick's father. This time they were a lot of  TKD trainees, team games and swimming.   
Congratulations and many thanks Patrick!! 
Picture 236
Sabum Virginia giving the prize (a dobok) to
Edward (the happy winner).
  We have a New Logo !!!
ITF Brussels organized a contest between its students in order to find a new logo.
Finally, and after a difficult decision, we have the winner: 
Congratulations Edward and many thanks to all participants!  


 II Place for ITF Brussels in a Team Tul Championship at Hwa Rang Club
  18th March 2007, Steenokerzeel, Belgium.
Hwa Rang club invited us to participate in its First Internal Team Tul Championship.
In a friendly atmosphere, our ITF Brussels team (Charlotte, Christophe, Benito and Gonzalo) got a second place.    
After the competition most of the participants attended the Friendship TKD lunch organized by ITF Belgium.
 Daniel, Charlotte, Christophe and Edward got their new belts
  15th and 18th March 2007, Brussels and Steenokerzeel, Belgium
On March 15th Edward got his IX Kup with Sabum Virginia Dionisi
and three days later Daniel, Charlotte and Christophe got their new belts with Sabum Annick Van Driessche.
            Daniel             Charlotte           Christophe         
Congratulations to all of you. You did very well !!!  
Picture 038[1] 
 15 Medals for ITF Brussels at the XVII Belgian Championship
  11 March 2007, Namur, Belgium.
 The school competed for the first time in the Belgian Championship doing well in almost all disciplines: Patterns, Team  Tul, Combat, Power Breaking and Special Techniques. The results reflect the good work:

  • Daniel Kampff: 2nd place in Patterns Green Blue; 2nd place in Combat Seniors Male  – 63 kg white / blue 
  • Nicolas Van Eeckhout: 1st place in Combat Seniors Male  + 80 kg color belts 3rd place in Patterns white / yellow green stripe  
  • Edward Smith: 2nd place in Combat Seniors Male  + 80 kg color belts.
  • Christophe Da Silva 3rd place in Patterns white belts 
  • Gonzalo Escribano: 1st place in Patterns white / yellow green stripe, 3rd place in Combat Senior Male –80 kg color belts  
  • Charlotte Dubreuil: 2nd place in Combat Senior Female –58 kg color belts, 2nd place in Patterns white / yellow green stripe
  • ITF Brussels: 2nd place in Team Tul (Benito Martinez, Nicolas Van Eeckhout, Charlotte Dubreuil, Christophe Da Silva and Gonzalo Escribano)
  • Virginia Dionisi1st place in Combat Female – 52 kg black belts, 1st place in Female Power Breaking, 2nd place in Special Techniques, 2nd place in Patterns III and IV degree. For more info
   Open Irish 2007 
    3rd and 4th March 2007, Dublin, Ireland.
Sabum Virginia Dionisi won two bronze medals at the 8th I.N.T.A Open I.T.F International, organized by the Irish National TaeKwon-Do Association.
The first medal in Tul III and IV degree and the second in Sparring under a league system. 
The tournament, was held in the Sports Link complex in Dublin and the competition was run under A.E.T.F. rules, with divisions for male and female, senior and junior, colour and black belts.
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  First Internal Championship at Hwa Rang Club
   06 February 2007, Steenokerzeel, Belgium.


ITF Brussels was invited to participate at the First Internal Championship organized by Hwa Rang Club in Stenokeerzeel. 

In a friendly atmosphere three students from our club competed in tul and sparring. Nico got a first place in sparring, Gonzalo a second place in tul and Christophe a thirds place in sparring.  


Many thanks to Bo Sabum Pascal for inviting us and congratulations to for a good job you have done. 


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