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"My ultimate goal is to teach Taekwon-Do to everyone" General Choi Hong Hi, founder of Taekwon-Do
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 III Challenge Cup - Belgium 
  14th November 2010, Lokeren, Belgium.
Three competitors of ITF Brussels represented the school at the III Challenge Cup obtaining the following results:
  • Bill Harrison:             3rd place, Senior Patterns Blue- Red Belt
  • Cathal Gibbons:         3rd place, Senior Patterns Green Belt - Blue Stripe 
  • Toby Fox:                3rd place, Senior Patterns Yellow Belt  
The III Challenge Cup was held in Lokeren and there were ninety competitors from ten different schools. Sabum Virginia was also there coaching the competitors of ITF Brussels, and Bo Sabum Gonzalo umpiring 
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 Halloween Party 
  31st October 2010, Brussels, Belgium


The Cowboy from the States organized a Halloween party and some members of ITF Brussels were there: The Belgian Red Devil, Scream, the Chernobyl survivor, the Human Skeleton, Dracula and the Trees.


Guess who is who!
Thanks Toby for the organization!
 European Open Taekwon-Do Cup
  21st-24th October 2010, Bratislava, Slovakia
The Open European Cup in Bratislava was the biggest tournament of the year. They were nearly 800 competitors from 41 countries. Alexander Walter represented the school as a member of the Belgian team. Sabum Virginia and Bo Sabum Gonzalo were also there to support the team and coaching Alex and other members of the team. Bo Sabum Alex competed in the category 18-35 years in:
  • Patterns (I Degree) where he won two rounds and lost in the third one; finishing between the last 16 out of 54 competitors.
  • Sparring (-80 Kg) where after a draw, he was defeated. Besides the result, he showed great techniques in his preparation for the next World Championship in New Zealand.
  • Male Team Sparring (18-35 years), together with Patrick Crevecoeur and Erik Van Hoek. 
 Training in Budapest
  16th-20th October 2010, Budapest, Hungary
Sabum Virginia and Bo Sabum Gonzalo travelled to the beautiful city of Budapest to visit and train with Sabum Csaba Békássy and Bo Sabum Linda Tarnoki.
Bo Sabum Linda trained at ITF Brussels during six months when she was living in Brussels and Sabum Csaba, also trained in the school when he was in Belgium on business trips. 
Sabum Virginia and Bo Sabum Gonzalo, visited the Sasok Sportcentrum while members of the club where performing team tul for the European Cup. The day after, (Tuesday 19th) Sabum Virginia attended a trainee conducted by Sabum Csaba Békássy and Sabum Gábor Szalay.
  II Challenge Cup
 19th September 2010, Steenokkerzeel, Belgium.
ITF Brussels was represented by two competitors at the 2nd Challenge Cup. The club obtained the following results:
  • Daniel Kampf       1st Place (Blue/Red Senior Patterns
  • Benito Martinez   3er Place (Blue/Red Senior Patterns
After finishing his competition, Benito Martinez worked as umpire.
Congratulations to you both! 
 Descente de la Lesse
  21th August 2010, Belgium
Sabum Virginia, Gonzalo, Cathal and Aurèlien did the famous "Descente de la Lesse".
They enjoyed a beautiful and sunny day!  

 Challenge Cup
 1st Challenge Cup - Belgium
    May 16th 2010, Steenokkerzeel, Belgium
ITF Brussels was represented by three competitors at the 1st Challenge Cup, obtaining the following results:
• Benito Martinez  1st Place  (Blue/Red Senior Patterns)
• Bill Harrison       2nd Place (Blue/Red Senior Patterns)
• Cathal Gibbons  3rd Place  (Green Seniors Patterns) 
Sabum Virginia and Gonzalo, they were also present at the tournamente working as umpires. 
 ITF Brussels Virginia Dionisi
 Silver Medal for Virginia Dionisi at the European Championship in Sweden.
  30th April – 2nd  May 2010, Skövde, Sweden. 
Sabum Virginia Dionisi wins Silver Medal in Female Senior Patterns IV-VI degree and finished in the 4th position in Female Power Breaking at the European Championship in Skövde, Sweden.    
The other representative of ITF Brussels, Alexander Walter, newcomer on the Belgian National Team, finished in the 6th position in the competition of Senior Male Power Breaking and had a very good performance in Tul Ge-Baek.
This year, the six selected members of the Belgian National Team, had an extraordinary championship winning five medals: two gold, one silver and two bronzes. This fact put Belgium on the 6th position on the Medal Classification for Seniors
  Delft International Open
   18th April 2010, The Hague, Netherlands.    
ITF Brussels competed with five competitors at the Delft International Open, obtaining the following results:
• Sabum Virginia 1st Place (Patterns IV-VI Degree Male/Female category)
• Daniel  3er Place             (Patterns Blue/Red)
• Cathal  3er Place             (Patterns Yellow/Green)
The complete team was Sabum Virginia, Daniel, Bill, Vladimir and Cathal (competitors) Benito (umpire), Gonzalo (coach), Florencia, Mariana and Agustin (supporters)
 Two Golds for ITF Brussels at the Open Zeeuwse
  7th March 2010, Middelburg, The Netherlands
Our school was represented by five people (four competitors: Alex, Bill, Vladimir and Toby and one umpire: Louis)

Alexander Walter 3rd in Patterns I-II Degree
Vladimir Kim 1st in Patterns Green/Blue Belt and 3rd in Sparring Lower Colour Belts -63
Toby Fox 1st in Patterns White/Yellow Belt and 2nd in Sparring Lower Colour Belts -71

Congratulations to all of you!  
 XX Junior and Senior Belgian Championship
 28th February 2010, Steenokerzeel, Belgium
ITF Brussels obtained 13 medals at the 20th Belgian Junior & Senior Championships! and we have three Belgian champions at the club!: Sabum Virginia, Toby and Walter with five titles all together!
Our school was represented by a team of eight competitors and two umpires obtaining the following results: For more info 

At the Belgian Championship was officially announced that Sabum Virginia and Bo Sabum Alex have been selected to represent Belgium in the next European Championship in Sweden. The Belgian Federation gave a special prize to Sabum Virginia in recognition to her World Title in the last World Championship in Argentina. 
 4th Open Brabant
  7th February 2010, Heeze, The Netherlands.  
Toby Fox obtained the first place in Tul VIII-VII Kup and the 4th place in Senior Sparring Class B. (White belt to blue stripe) at the 4th Open Brabant.
It was a great day for our school that was represented by four competitors (Alexander Walter, Benito Martinez, Bill Harrison and Toby Fox), one umpire (Daniel Kampff), one coach (Gonzalo) and three supporters (Louis, Vladimir and Cathal)
The tournament had a very high level with more than five hundred competitors representing fifty two clubs from eleven countries: Belgium, Poland, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, Slovenia, Suisse, Portugal, Ireland, England and Norway.
For more info     
Virginia Dionisi Brussels 
  Double award for Sabum Virginia Dionisi
   29th January 2010. Brussels, Belgium.
After winning the World Championship in Female Tul IV-VI degree last year in Argentina, Sabum Virginia has been awarded by two Belgian town halls: Brussels and Molenbeek.
Sabum Virginia, the first World Champion from Belgium in Taekwon-Do ITF, received a medal from the hands of the “Echevin des Sports” of Brussels, Bertin Mampacka at the Hall of Fame of the Stadium “Roi Baudouin”. 
Bo Sabum Louis Lamoureux, on behalf of Sabum Virginia Dionisi, received an award from the hands of the "Echevin des sports” of Molenbeek Jamal Ikazban at the Chateau du Karreveld. 

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