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"My ultimate goal is to teach Taekwon-Do to everyone" General Choi Hong Hi, founder of Taekwon-Do
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Gonzalo Escribano 

Rank: II Degree (B-2-61)

Languages: French, English, Spanish, Portuguese

Background: General Administrator of ITF Brussels. Assistant Instructor and coach of ITF Brussels. As a competitor Gonzalo has been three times Belgian champion (patterns, sparring and power breaking). He was one of the Belgian coaches at the World Championships in Canada (2007) and Argentina (2009). He coached and trained Sabum Virginia Dionisi when she obtained the world title in patterns, the bronze medal in sparring and tied for best female competitor at the World Championship in Argentina (2009). In addition, Gonzalo is lawyer, and he did a Masters Degree in Human Rights. He works as legal consultant for different multinational companies. He likes water sports being an advanced open waters diver
Benito Martinez
Rank: IV Degree (B-4-23) Umpire: Class B (B-1010)

Languages: French, English, Spanish  

Background: Instructor at the school Samjok-O in Ottignies and umpire of ITF Brussels. Benito was born in La Havana, Cuba, and started training Taekwon-Do in ITF Brussels in 2005, obtaining his black belt in 2011. He has been working as umpire in national and international competitions and has participated in many seminars. He trains children and adults in a very friendly atmosphere. In addition, Benito is anthropologist, historian and journalist. He has published many research papers, articles and reports on political, social and cultural rights. As anthropologist and Taekwon-Do instructor he specializes in the techniques of the body. Benito loves literature, jazz and meeting with friends.  

Daniel Kampff

Rank: II Degree (B-2-62)

Languages: French, Spanish  

Background: Instructor at the school TKD Woluwe in Woluwe Saint Pierre and umpire of ITF Brussels. Daniel was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he trained for four and a half years. He joined ITF Brussels in 2006 obtaining his black belt in 2011. He has been working as umpire in national and international competitions and has participated in many seminars, including the IICs in Munich in 2009 and Oostende 2013. He is currently working as manager in a school. Daniel likes rugby and parachuting.    

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Andreea Musca
Rank :II degree (B-3-34)
Languages: Nederlands, English, French, Romanian, Spanish
Background: Bosabum Andreea Musca started training in Taekwon-do ITF in 1995, in Baia Mare, Romania. She obtained her black belt in 2003, her second degree in 2007 and was promoted to third degree in February 2014. She moved to Belgium in 2006 and since then she became member of The Belgian National Team. Andreea was 3 times European Champion (Junior Sparring -50kg and twice in Senior Patterns II Degree) In addition, Andreea has won two times second place at World Cup's.
Pablo Pascuzzo
Rank :III degree (SZ-3-3)
Languages: Spanish, Italian, English
Background: Started training TKD in 1994, with Sabum Marcelo Bordiez from the school of GM Trajtenberg. After 10 years of hard training, Pablo obtained his black belt in 2004. Passionate about competing and teaching, he started to impart lessons to children and adults in 2006 in Buenos Aires. In 2007 he gained his II degree. By that time, Pablo was a top level competitor and had already attended very important international tournaments obtaining good results.  In 2008 he studied at the UCES Workout physical training sport and fitness”. In 2009 he moved to Switzerland and in the same year he obtained a Bronze medal at the World Championship in Argentina. One year later, he became III degree and gained bronze medal at the European Championship in Slovenia.

In 2012, after winning the Silver Medal at the European Championship, Pablo moved to Belgium and joined ITF Brussels. A couple of months later, he jumped on the top of the podium and became the World Cup Champion in Brighton, England. In 2013, he joined the Belgian National Team and gained a bronze medal at the World Championship in Spain.

At present, Pablo is assistant instructor at ITF Brussels and has opened his own school ITF Etterbeek, where he happily shares his knowledge. In addition, Pablo conducts private lessons to diplomatic staff.

Pablo feels passion for music and incredible stories. He is a guitar player and has been playing in different bands giving concerts in various countries.
Valerio Cappellazzo
Rank: IV Degree B-4-16
Languages: French, English, Italian
Background: Valerio started training Taekwon-Do in Rome in 1995, under the instruction of Sabum Stefano Minotti and the supervision of Grand Master Wim Bos. He moved to Brussels in 2012 for professional reasons and since then he has been training in ITF Brussels. He got his IV Degree in June 2014, the exam was conducted by Master Frank Vanberghen, VIII Degree. Valerio has a Master Degree in Automation Engineering and works in the aviation sector. He loves planes, lot of sports, playing guitar and Brussels‘ multicultural environment.


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