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"My ultimate goal is to teach Taekwon-Do to everyone" General Choi Hong Hi, founder of Taekwon-Do
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 First Anniversary of ITF Brussels
  1st December 2006, Brussels, Belgium. 
The first year of ITF Brussels has already gone and we are very happy after achieving a lot of things. Most of the students have tested their exams and others competed in championships obtaining very good results. However, the most important thing we have achieved is to have a very nice and friendly group of Taekwon-do practitioners leaded by Sabum Virginia.   
In order to celebrate the first anniversary we made a party with our students and their families. It was a good opportunity to chat and share a nice moment telling and listening different stories from different countries.
 Louis, Nico, Renaud and Dyana have successfully tested theirs belts! 
  31st October 2006, Brussels, Belgium.
      Louis               Nico             Renaud            Dyana
Congratulations to all of you and keep working hard as usual! 
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 Silver Medal for Sabum Virginia Dionisi at the World Cup! 
  26th to 29th October 2006, Benidorm, Spain.  
Sabum Virginia Dionisi obtained a Silver Medal in the category Tul Female IV-VI degree.
The Second World Cup, organized by the ITF and the Spanish TKD Federation, was a huge and successful competition where more than 800 competitors from 47 countries met to show their skills. The Belgian Team won three medals:
Virginia Dionisi :  Silver tul female 18-35 years IV°degree
Gaëlla Hoeterickx : Bronze tul female 12-14 years blue-red belts
Julien Walraedt :    Bronze sparring male 18-35 years blue-red belts -63kg 
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 Day of Taekwon-Do 
 15th October 2006, Steenokerzeel, Belgium.

Nine students from ITF-Brussels attended the "Day of Taekwon-do" in Steenokkerzeel. The event, organised by ITF Belgium, was a success.  More than 100 Taekwon-Do practitioners from different Belgian Schools participated at the Seminar conducted by Master Frank Vanberghen, Annick Van Diressche, Eddy Van Damme, Virginia Dionisi, Emmanuel Fantacci, Pascal Raeijmaekers, Patrick Crevecouer and Benny Torfs.  
Many thanks to Louis, Daniel, Benito, Anita, Gonzalo, Nico, Dyana, Edward and Renaud for representing our club in such special day!

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 We are back
 5th September 2006, Brussels, Belgium. 
After two months of holidays we are back and ready for the new TKD season. To celebrate it and to recuperate some energy after the first week of lessons, Anita offered us some patisserie from Poland.

Everyone was very happy trying
"Paczki", the traditional Polish doughnuts,
which seems to be the secret of the Taekwon-do Polish practitioners… Delicious! 

 Teambuilding Week-end
  8th to 10th September 2006, Spa, Belgium. 
Sabum Virginia Dionisi participated in the Second teambuilding weekend in Spa, Belgium. This time, the event was particularly different as it was open to all members of ITF Belgium as from blue belt.
The organiser Patrick Crevecoeur, was well assisted by his friend Gilles. Both of them had been working very hard in order to set up an unforgettable week end.
And they achieved it! Congratulations!

 National Trainees Season 2006/2007  
  27th August 2006, Steenorkerzeel, Belgium.
The First National Trainee on tul, teamtul and sparring strategy was held in Steenokkerzeel.
Black belts from different Belgian cities attended the National Trainee which was divided into different groups: Tul Trainee leaded by Master Vanberghen, Team tul leaded by Sabum Virginia Dionisi and Bo Sabum Wim Vermeir and Sparring Strategy leaded by Sabum Emmanuel Fantacci, and Bo Sabum Stefaan de Ridder. 

 Former students of Sabum Virginia Dionisi at the Junior World Championship
  12th to 16th July 2006, Tegucigalpa, Honduras.
Nicolas and Patricia Romero, former students of Sabum Virginia Dionisi in Argentina, competed at the Junior World Championship in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, as members of the Argentinean National Team. They started to practice Taekwon-Do ITF with Sabum Virginia at the age of 3 and they are currently students of Sabum Marcelo Dionisi (IV degree) at Instituto Dionisi in Posadas, Argentina.
Patricia competed in Individual Female Sparring -50 kg and Nicolas in Individual Patterns I Degree and also in Male Team Sparring becoming World Champion with the Argentinean Team!                            
 Toast for the end of the season 
  30th June 2006, Brussels, Belgium. 
The first season of ITF Brussels has already gone and we are very proud of it. Lessons have been giving in English, French and Spanish for students from Belgium, France, Poland, United Kingdom, Canada, Cuba and Argentina.
We have been able to practice Taekwon-Do while making friends from different countries and, as TKD practitioners, we have put our little to build a more peaceful world. We are proud of practicing our martial art with respect for the others, with courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control and indomitable spirit.  

 First general examination at ITF Brussels
  30th June 2006, Brussels, Belgium.
First general examination at ITF Brussels with the presence of Sabum Annick Van Driessche IV, (President of the Belgian Taekwon-Do Federation). Master Vanberghen was present as observer and he gave technical advice to the students. Congratulations to:
Christine          Rachel             Joshua  
                             Anita            Benito         Charlotte        Gonzalo 
 Czaba Bekassi visited ITF Brussels
 June 2006, Brussels, Belgium. 
 Czaba Bekassi III degree and member of the Hungarian National Team visited and trained with us! He participated in four trainees and he shared with us his excellent technique and politeness.
In Hungary, Czaba trains and teaches TKD in Budapest in SASOK TAEKWON-DO CLUB.
He is always welcomed! 

 International Instructors Course in Germany
  2/3/4 June 2006, Cologne, Germany.
Sabum Virginia Dionisi attended the International Instructors Course in Cologne Germany.
Master Pablo Trajtenberg, Master Hector Marano and Master Willem Jacob Bos (The ITF Technical Committee) professionally explained the different topics of Taekwon-Do with a lot of entusiasm.
117 participants from 13 countries attended the Course.
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 Open Challenge Cup in Ghent
  28th May 2006, Ghent, Belgium.
Rachel and Joshua competed at the 2nd Open Challenge Cup in Ghent.
Rachel won gold medal in patterns and Joshua two silver medals, one in sparring and one in patterns.
Congratulations to you both and keep working hard!

 Two Bronze Medals for Sabum Virginia Dionisi at the European Championships 
   11th to 14th May 2006, Constanta, Roumania
Sabum Virginia Dionisi obtained two bronze medals at the European Championship in Constanta Roumania. The first in Female Senior Patterns IV-VI degree and the second in Female Team Special Techniques.  
For the whole Belgian team the championship finished with a good balance. Belgium came back home with six medals and a lot of experience! Sabum Virginia also competed in Sparring where she finished in the 5th places in the category of Female Sparring -52 kg.
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 Sabum Virginia visited and trained in Argentina
  April 2006, Posadas, Argentina.
Sabum Virginia Dionisi visited Argentina where she trained and gave same lessons at "Instituto Dionisi"  (school leaded by Marcelo Dionisi IV degree) and also at "Academia Internacional de TKD" (leaded by Sabum Carlos Mendez VI degree). 

 Power and Specials Techniques trainee
  28th March 2006, Brussels, Belgium.  
 Bo Sabum Pascal Raeijmaekers from Hwa Rang Club (Silver Medal in power breaking at the European Championship Italy 2005) gave us a special course in power & specials techniques.

 1st Kup Grading in ITF Brussels
  26th March 2006, Lokeren, Belgium. 
  The first examination of the ITF Brussels students was held in Lokeren.
                   Benito                       Anita                    Gonzalo 
   Well done!
 Journée du Sport
  11th March 2006, Namur, Belgium.  
Sabum Virginia Dionisi attended the Journée du Sport in the Belgian city of Namur. 
She specifically followed a TKD Seminar given by Master Frank Vanberghen, who was assisted by Sabum Emmanuel Fantacci and Sabum Annick Van Driessche. 
The Seminar was held in the Centre Namurois des Sports of Namur and all funds colected were donated to Televie a well know association that fights against leukemia. 

 XVI Belgian National Championship
  25th February 2006, Sint Niklaas, Belgium.                                          
Sabum Virginia Dionisi is the new Belgian Champion in M/F Patterns IV Degree and Vice-Champion in Female Special Techniques.
Her return to the Belgian national competitions was great: One Gold and one Silver.
The last time we saw Sabum Virginia Dionisi on a Belgian mat it was in 2001, so, to see her back in a national competition was warmed welcomed by the assistance.
The 16th Belgian Championship was held in Sint Niklaas, with an attendance of 155 competitors from 12 schools.

  Second National Championship for Youth
   5th February 2006, Steenokerzeel, Belgium.     
ITF Brussels competed for the first time in a National Championship for Youth and came back home with four medals.
Rachel and Joshua, the two representatives of the school, put their names on the podiums:
  • Rachel gained Gold in sparring and Bronze in special techniques and 
  • Joshua, Gold in special techniques and Bronze in sparring.
 Congratulations to you both!                    

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