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"My ultimate goal is to teach Taekwon-Do to everyone" General Choi Hong Hi, founder of Taekwon-Do
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 88th International Instructors Course  
  November 22-24, Oostende, Belgium

 Journée de la Mucoviscité   
  November 20, 2013, Ottignies, Belgium

 Day of Taekwon-Do   
  October 24-27 2013, Benidorm, Spain

 Pablo Pascuzzo Bronze Medal at the World Championship! 
  October 24-27 2013, Benidorm, Spain
Pablo Pascuzzo obtained a bronze medal in Male Sparring -57kg. He won three combats (Uzbekistan, Romania and Puerto Rico) and he was defeated in the semifinals by Russia, who in the end become the World Champion of the category.

Andreea Musca and Alex Walter did also very well, but unfortunately this time they could not step on the podium.
Andreea and Alex were closely defeated in their first round of tul. Andreea by Spain and Alex by New Zealand. In sparring, Andreea won the first combat against Jamaica and lost the second one against Russia.
ITF Brussels was also represented by Sabum Virginia Dionisi (National Coach Tul) and by Bo Sabum Gonzalo Escribano who was there supporting the team.
This World Championship was the biggest in TKD ITF history. They were more than 1000 competitors from more than 50 countries.

We are very proud of Pablo, Andreea and Alex! They did a very good job! and we are also very proud of all our students from ITF Brussels! You have been helping Pablo, Andreea and Alex in different ways before and during the Championship!
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 Day of Taekwon-Do   
  October 24-27 2013, Benidorm, Spain

The Battle of Utrecht
   September 29th 2013, Utrecht, The Netherlands    
   Andreea Musca (Gold in female Sparring A and Gold in female Patterns II degree), Pablo Pascuzzo (bronze in Male Sparring A) and Iwona Zoch (Silver in female Sparring B and Silver in female Sparring B) stepped on the podium at the Battle of Utrecht.
   ITF Brussels was also represented by Toby Fox (umpire) and Sabum Virginia and Bo-Sabum Gonzalo as coaches. 
   The competition had an outstanding level with more than 380 competitors!
   Congratulations to all of you!

Two black belts promotions and a new black belt for our schools!
  September 22nd, 2013, Lokeren, Belgium.

Gonzalo Escribano (ITF Brussels) and Daniel Kampff (TKD Woluwe) successfully tested for II Degree while Pascal Couturiaux (Samjok-O) was promoted to I degree.

Their hard work paid off !
Now the three Bo-Sabums have much more responsibilities and knowledge to share with their students and classmates.

Congratulations to all of you! You did very well!

And congratulations to Sabum Virginia Dionisi and to Bo-Sabum Benito Martinez for their priceless help in the preparation of the exams.


Seminar with Stephen Tapilatu 
  September 15th, 2013, Gent, Belgium.

National Umpire Course 
  August 25th, 2013, Lokeren, Belgium.
All instructors from ITF Brussels, Samjok-O, Taekwon-Do Woluwé and Brussels Champions attended the National Umpire Course. Some advanced students from the mentioned schools were also present.
The seminaire lasted six hours and was conducted by the Umpire & tournament committee of ITF-Belgium. All aspects related to the competitions in patterns, sparring, free arranged sparring and power breaking were aborded.

Congratulations to the committee and to the attendants! These kind of courses will upgrade the level of umpiring in Belgium

  New Season 2013-2014

Lessons at ITF Brussels will start on September!

To start the new season plenty of good energy we will have a renovated sport hall!

Looking forward to meeting all of you again for a year plenty of exciting activities.

See you soon!

Sabum Virginia and Bo Sabum Gonzalo


  Summer BBQ !!!

Before starting the TKD Season 2013/2014, ITF Brussels, Samjok-O and TKD Woluwe organized the annual BBQ for their students and families!
Members of the three schools were presents and some of them showed their hided talents: singers! dancers! football players and others! 
Due to the exit of the BBQ, students did not want to wait for one year, therefore, a Raclette night will be organized in Winter time!
Everyone went back home plenty of energy and ready to start kicking!

Kup Gradings 
June 2013, Brussels, Ottignies, Uccle and Woluwe.

Several students of the different schools tested for their Kup gradings during June.  Sabum Virginia Dionisi conducted the exams in the different schools with the help of the instructors. 

Congratulations to all students!


ITF Brussels participated at the Olympic Community organized by the Brussels town hall
June 25th and 27th, Brussels, Belgium

ITF Brussels, represented by Bo Sabum Benito Martinez, participated at the project “Olympic Community”, organized by the Sports Council of the Brussels town hall. 

During two days, Bo Sabum Benito conducted trainings for children and juniors at the Stadium Roi Baudoin. The purpose was to promote Taekwon-Do ITF and other sports between students and motivate them to start it.

Sabum Benito received very good feedback for the trainings!

ITF Brussels at the Embassy of Malaysia
June 22nd, Uccle, Belgium

Sabum Virginia Dionisi and Bo Sabum Andreea Musca made a demonstration at the Embassy of Malaysia. They performed team tul, flying kicks, kicks with targets and breakings.

The ambassador was present, and also a lot of public and children, who had the opportunity to taste a little bit of Taekwon-Do.


  Alex Walter wins the 7th International Romanian Summer Cup
June 15th, Oradea, Romania

In preparation for the next World Championship, Alex Walter competed at the open competition  in Oradea, Romania. He had a great path, wining the Gold Medal in the category Patterns I Degree. He defeated a competitor from Hungary and in the final a competitor from Slovaquia.

Congratulations! and keep training hard!


Second Internal Championship and end of the Season Picnic
   June 08th 2013, Ottignies, Belgium
The second internal championship was a great success!
There were competitors and umpires from ITF Brussels, Samjok-O and Taekwon-Do Woluwe which competed in different categories in league system.  
In between the patterns and sparring competitions, Sabum Henintsoa Andriamananjara and Bo Sabum Fidi Randriam, our visitors from Madagascar, performed a very nice demonstration, being the highlight a breaking made by Heni with his fingertips (doo songarak nopunde bandae tulgi)
Bo Sabum Andreea Musca and Mr Bill Harrisson showed the medals they won at the last World Cup in Brighton, England.
After finishing the championship we spent a very nice moment sharing a picnic under the sun with students, family and friends!
Many thanks to everyone (competitors, referees, volunteers, public, friends and parents) for all your help and support!

Special thanks to our umpires!: Valerio Capelazzo, Andreea Musca, Benito Martinez, Gonzalo Escribano and Sabum Virginia; and to Liviu, Leo and Mariana for their great help!

Andreea Musca wins two medals at the IV Holland Cup
   June 1st and 2nd, 2013, Pijnaeker, The Netherlands    
   Andreea Musca (Silver in female sparring Black Belts and Bronze in Female Tul II Degree) stepped on the podium at the IV Holand Cup.
    Henintsoa Andriamananjara (Samjok-O), Pablo Pascuzzo, Martin Behar and Ronja Blondal also competed at the Championship, they all also did very well !
   The competition had an outstanding level with 525 competitors (345 on Saturday, 180 on Sunday) from 52 clubs from Belgium, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Poland, Scotland, Spain, Syria, and the Netherlands
   Congratulations to all of you!

ITF Brussels participated at the charity collectiong organized by ITF
  May, Brussels, Belgium

Members of ITF-Brussels collected some dobocks and belts for the ITF affiliated countries in Africa. The material, together with the one collected by the others Belgian TKD schools, will be provided to Mr Niklas Enander in Sweden during the next European Championships. Mr Niklas Enander is involved in the development of Taekwon-Do ITF in Africa, assisting Master Paul Weiler (Germany) in the education of instructors.

The collected material (coming from all Europe) will be distributed among different African countries affiliated to the International Taekwon-Do Federation.

Many thanks to all our students for the donations!

Andreea Musca and Sabum Virginia Dionisi, special guests at the European Convention of USANA!
  April 6th 2013, Paris, France

Andreea Musca (multi European Champion and Vice World Cup Champion) and her instructor Sabum Virginia Dionisi (former European and World Champion) were invited as special guests at the European Convention of USANA.

The convention was held on April 06th 2013 at the famous Grand Rex Theater in the city center of Paris.

There were four sports invited at the convention: beach volley and handball from France, and tennis (represented by the four Grand Slams winner Kim Clijsters) and Taekwon-Do ITF (represented by Andreea Musca and Virginia Dionisi) from Belgium. During the event Andreea, who is sponsored by USANA, explained the nutritional complements she is using to be in good shape, while Sabum Virginia explained why top athletes need to complement their nutrition with appropriate supplements.

Afterwards they performed a short TKD demonstration. At midday Andreea exhibited some of her most important trophies and medals and signed autographs. The attendants to the convention also had the opportunity to take pictures with Andreea.

Andreea and Sabum Virginia they both received a lot of compliments from the public. The participants were impressed by their flying kicks and flexibility.

This event was a fantastic window for Taekwon-Do ITF, as there were representatives from a lot of European countries and also from the US.

Day of Taekwon-Do
  April 21st 2013, Louvain La Neuve, Belgium

  Our schools had a fantastic "Day of Taekwon-Do" at the "Centre Sportif de Blocry" in Louvain-la-Neuve, the sports centre of the University.

  With the coordination of Bo Sabum Benito Martinez, together with the Belgian Federation, 135 practitioners from all around Belgium attended the event.
  ITF Brussels, Samjok-O and Taekwon-Do Woluwe were very well represented by 32 members and a lot of supporters.
  Sabum Virginia Dionisi and Bo Sabum Andreea Musca were part of the 10 selected instructors who conducted different lessons.
  The atmosphere was great and everyone returned back home with a diploma, good memories and new friends

  Sabum Virginia Dionisi successfully tested for VI Degree!
   April 14th 2013, Lokeren, Belgium
   After 31 years training Taekwon-Do (24 as a black belt), Sabum Virginia Dionisi obtained her VI degree. Master Frank Vanberghen (VIII Degree) conducted the exam.
   The grading consisted in patterns  (So-San, Se-Jong and Ul-Ji), sambo-ibo-ilbo matsogi, hosinsul, breaking techniques and theory.
   Congratulations Sabum! We are very proud of you!
    The TKD evolution of Sabum Virginia:
      VI Degree, (B-6-4) April 2013, Promoted by Master Frank Vanberghen, VIII Degree, Lokeren, Belgium
      V Degree, (B-5-3) October 2007, Promoted by the ITF Technical Committee: GM's Pablo Strajtemberg, Hector Marano and Wim Bos, Steenokerzeel, Belgium.
      IV Degree, (B-4-3) February 2000, Promoted by General Choi Hong Hi, Founder of Taekwon-Do, Fécamp, France.
      III Degree, (AR-3-470) July 1995, Promoted by today GM Javier Dacak, Posadas, Argentina.
      II Degree, (AR-2-692) July 1992, Promoted by today GM Javier Dacak, Resistencia, Argentina.
      I Degree, (AR-1-1032) December 1989, Promoted by today GM Javier Dacak, Posadas, Argentina.

Challenge Cup
   April 7th 2013, Lede, Belgium.

The III Challenge Cup was held in Lede, with competitions in sparring and tul. Our schools were represented by 14 competitors, 2 umpires (Bo Sabum Benito Martínez and Gonzalo Escribano) and 3 coaches (Sabum Virginia Dionisi, Bo Sabum Andreea Musca and Faical Ghoul).  


-Mohamed Ben Sedira: gold tul and bronze sparring (ITF Brussels Champions)
-Ali Ben Sedira: gold sparring and bronze tul  (ITF Brussels Champions)
-Michal Parusinski: gold tul (Samjok-O)
-Alicia Meunier: gold tul (Samjok-O)
-Juan Tena: silver tul and bronze sparring (ITF Brussels)
-Souhir Ben Sedira: silver sparring and bronze tul (ITF Brussels Champions)
-Martin Behar: silver tul (ITF Brussels)
-Jérémy Lemmens: silver tul and bronze sparring (Samjok-O)
-Mahdi Abdel Kahri: bronze tul and sparring (ITF Brussels Champions)
-Agathe Mangray: bronze tul tul (Samjok-O)
-Adil Essalhi: bronze tul (ITF Brussels Champions)
-Julien Vanderkelen: bronze tul (Samjok-O)
Tine and Romaric also competed with very good performances!
Thanks to our supporters and congratulations to everyone! Keep training hard!

Kup Grading at Samjok-O
   March 30th 2013, Ottignies, Belgium.
   Ten students of Samjok-O successfully tested for their Kup grading:
   Julien, Adrian, Yatte, Alicia, Maguette, Romeo, Jérémy, Aghate, Pierric y Amandine.
   Sabum Virginia Dionisi conducted the exam with the help of Bo Sabum Benito Martinez. 
   Congratulations to the students and to Bo Sabum Benito !
   You are doing a great job!

  III National Instructors Course
    24th March 2013, Ottignies, Belgium
    Sabum Virginia Dionisi and Bo Sabum Gonzalo Escribano from ITF Brussels and Bo Sabum Benito Martinez and Pascal Couturieux from Samjok-O, attended the III NIC organized by the
    Belgian Federation (the first one in Ottignies).
    Instructors from different regions of Belgium attended the course and have the opportunity to exchange views, experience and knowledge. The purpose of these courses is to
    standardize techniques in the country. Patterns lessons (from Chon-Ji until Tong-Il), talks about the Do and the ITF Protocol, application of movements, stretching in a healthy way and
    exercises on body development were the topics aborded by Master Frank Vanberghen and Sabums Annick Van Driessche and Yves Pollefeyt.

   The snow could not stop the indomitable spirit of the attendants!

   Kup Grading at Brussels Champions
   March 13th  and 15th 2013, Brussels, Belgium.
   Ten students of Brussels Champions successfully tested their Kupgrading:
   VII Kup:
   Mahdi, Nada, Ali, Souhir, Mohamed, Jordan, Sharaf and Aniss and Wissam
   IX Kup:
   Adil and Veronique
   Sabum Virginia Dionisi conducted the exams with the help of Bo Sabum Faiçal Ghoul. 
   Children, parents and instructors were very happy with the evolution of the school.
   Congratulations to the students and to Bo Sabum Faiçal !

Our champions receive the Brussels town hall’ awards
  March 8th 2013, Brussels, Belgium
Sabum Virginia Dionisi, Pablo Pascuzzo, Andreea Musca, Bill Harrison, Toby Fox and Juan Tena were awarded by the Brussels town hall at the traditional "Reception des Champions", for their TKD performances during 2012. Our champions received their awards from the hands of the "échevin des sports" of Brussels, Mr Alain Courtois. The ceremony was conducted by the journalist Luc Maton.
Our champions:
Pablo Pascuzzo: World Cup Champion, Male sparring (-54 kg, 18-35 years black belts)
William Harrison: World Cup Champion, Male sparring, (-78 kg, over 46 years coloured belts)
Andreea Musca: European Champion, Female, Patterns, Senior II Degree
Sabum Virginia Dionisi: Belgian Champion (Power Breaking)
Toby Fox: Belgian Champion (Senior Tul X-VII Kup)
Juan Tena: Belgian Champion (Senior Tul X-VII Kup
Congratulations! and thanks for inspiring the rest of the team!

 Gold Diggers Seminar with Mark Trotter and Carl Van Roon
  March 2nd, 2013, Heeze, Netherlands. 

Master Willy Van De Mortel hosted a seminar in Heeze (Netherlands) with Mark Trotter and Carl Van Roon from New Zealand, who are multiple World Champions in several disciplines of Taekwon-Do ITF.  

Sabum Virginia Dionisi and Boosabum Daniel Kampff  took the opportunity to train with these great competitors so nearby and drove to Heeze. Apart from them, there were more or less 40 participants of all ages and degrees, also including  Sabum Yves Pollefeyt and Hans Rombaut from Belgium.

Mr. Trotter and Mr. Van Roon prove themselves to be, apart from world class competitors, very intelligent teachers with quite a unique approach to matters in order to improve the over-all competition performance.
 Report made by Mr Hans Rombaut 

ITF Umpire Course 2013 Europe
   February 23er and 24th, 2013, Benidorm, Spain.
  Bo Sabum Benito Martinez, (Instructor of the School Samjok-O) attended the International Qualifying Umpire Course that was held in Benidorm, Spain. The course was conducted by Grand Master Wim Bos, (ITF Technical Director), Master Kurt Ottensen and Master Alberto Katz (ITF’s Umpire Committee). The venue was held at the Bali Hotel with the participation of about 100 Black Belts from the whole European continent
  Some important points reviewed during the course were the changes in the competition rules: age, weight, dobok, control of the equipment required for sparring, the boards for power breaking, the use of bandages, the size of the rings for sparring and tul, the walking in and out of competitors and umpires, the presence of the coaches and their role, the use of the joysticks and the belt regulations.
  Bo Sabum Benito had learned a lot and will share his knowlegde with our competitors and students.

Kup Grading at Samjok-O
   February 23er 2013, Ottignies, Belgium.
   Four students of Samjok-O successfully tested for their Kup grading:
   Leo, Thomas, Michal and Adrien
   Sabum Virginia Dionisi conducted the exam with the help of Bo Sabum Benito Martinez. 
   Congratulations to the students and to Bo Sabum Benito !
   You are doing a great job!

Great Belgian Championship for our schools!
  February 12th 2012, Sint-Lievens-Houtem, Belgium.
ITF Brussels and Samjok-O were represented by eighteen competitors, three umpires and four coaches obtaining the following results :
  • 10 Gold Medals, (6 in Sparring, 3 in Tul and 1 in Power Breaking)
  •   7 Silver Medals (2 in Sparring, 3 in Tul, 1 in Power Breaking and 1 in Special Techniques)
  •   5 Bronze Medals (2 in Sparring and 3 in Tul)
Congratulations to all of you! We are very proud of your performances!

Kup Grading at ITF Brussels
  January 24th 2013, Brussels, Belgium.
   Joaquim, Bert and François successfully tested their Kups gradings !
   Congratulations to all of you !  

Open Dutch 2013
   January 20th, 2013, Best, The Netherlands.
ITF Brussels Samjok-O, TKD and Brussels Champions were represented by eight competitors, two umpires and two coaches obtaining the following results:
ITF Brussels
Ronja Blondal   -Youth Female -  Gold Tul - Gold Sparring
Iwona Zoch      -Senior Female - Silver Sparring - Bronze Tul
Brussels Champions

Romaric Hounghe        -  Junior Male -  Gold Tul
Ben Sedira Mohamed   - Junior Male  -  Silver Tul 
Bartosz Olszewski       - Junior Male  -  Silver Sparring
This year, the championship hosted 650 competitors from from 14 countries (England, Scotland, Ireland, Jamaica, Poland, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Slovenia, Norway, Wales, Spain). Congratulations to all of you and also to the others competitors who had a great performance: Alex (won 4 rounds of tul and 1 round of sparring) Cedric and Karim. They all performed very well and we congratulate them! We also thanks Benito and Gonzalo for their hard work as umpires, and Faiçal for his hard work as a coach with Sabum Virginia.  
ITF Brussels asbl - Avenue du Manoir d'Anjou n° 25, B-1150, Brussels